POABS POABS Group of Companies is engaged in the Quarry and Granite industry of Kerala since 1986 with an innovative vision. Poabs has always been the first to capitalize on the world's latest techno excellence and equipment support in the manufacture of crushed aggregates.
M Sand What is M-Sand?
M-Sand is manufactured sand
M-sand is crushed aggregates produced from hard granite stone which is cubically shaped with grounded edges, washed and graded with consistency to be used as a substitute of river sand.
MSand M-Sand is superior quality manufactured sand with international standards
MSand Vasthu Shastra Says Building material must be free from traces of human body or animal. M-sand is free of such material and is produced by crushing hard granite stone when compared to river sand that is produced naturally from weathered rock.
M Sand Quality Assurance
M-sand adheres to the highest standards and the quality tests are done by the College of Engineering, Trivandrum.
M-Sand is a trademark developed by POABS GROUP for manufactured sand produced in technical support with College of Engineering and assures consistent quality.
Poabs M Sand
M Sand
M Sand
M Sand
M Sand
M Sand

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